Established in 2011 La Storia 'The story in English” was the first museum of its kind in Jordan and the Middle East adding to the quality tourism in offered in Jordan and contains an attractive mixture of a Religious, history and Jordanian folk.

La Storia which is located at the heart of the historic city of Madaba focuses on promoting tourism in Jordan with a specific focus on Madaba. The museum has been successfully attracting tourist and locals alike, educating them about the Jordanian culture in a very innovative and interactive way where visitors could go through an exciting journey through history, exhibiting the religious, historical and cultural heritage of Jordan and the region.

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la storia Italian origin is tarnslated as The story in English equivalent.
The words in Italian are pronounced lah STOH-ree-ah.
The feminine definite article la means the.
The feminine gender noun storia means story, history.

A new addition for the quality tourism in Jordan, an attractive mixture of a Religious,history,folk museum and Handicrafts Center.

The increase and diffusion of knowledge.

Madaba is a very important historic site, and La Storia is going to put focus on it again and on the tourism industry here.
Also, it will employ a lot of locals and people of different skills.
But, most importantly, it's going to be a touristic attraction site for all the people visiting Jordan, giving them an idea about our way of living, historically and currently.

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